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A very well structured and comprehensive course. Dr Kon has a wealth of knowledge andsome brilliant analogies that help explain and cement quite complicated concepts. Excellentlearning tools with an extensive range interesting pathologies for review.


Brilliant course. Excellent exposure to Cardiac CT and focuses on breadth of cases andbuilding confidence with using the imaging software. Thanks Mark and Phil.


Excellent course, one of the best educational course I have ever had.


The course is excellent with great teaching in a simple and effective manner. Excellent faculty


Extremely helpful course that was being conducted in highly professional manner coveringnearly all aspects needed to start reporting cardiac ct.
Also,course facilitators were very muchcooperative.


Excellent course, and value for cost. Would highly recommend. Mark and Phil are amazingtrainers. Excellent case selection and mode of course delivery. Excellent venue. Live casesand reporting was a bonus.


Does what it says on the tin.


''I found the course very useful especially the technical aspects of acquiring a scan and the impact of different scanners on the image'


''Thank you for organising this outstanding course'


Excellent course, many thanks. Good value for money. Friendly and helpful.Would definitely recommend'



Haqeel Jamil, Consultant Cardiologist, Airedale Hospital -


Amr Abdelrahman, Cardiology ST -


Henry Proctor, Cardiology Research Fwellow -


Arthungal Joel George, Cardiology ST -


Victoria Dawson, CT Radiographer, University Hospital Birmingham -


Konstantinos Bratis, Consultant Cardiologist, Manchester Heart Centre -


John Macdonald, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Salford Royal -


KatherineMoore, SPR Radiology, Wales -


Marilenna Giannoudis, SpR Cardiology, Leeds -


Ayyaz Sultan, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Manchester -







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Brilliant course, Well organised course, Intense course - excellent value for money with loads of hands on reporting as well as live cases, Comprehensive. Fees and time reasonable


Good variety of cases including coronaries, stents, grafts, TAVI and extra cardiac findings, Lung disease incidentals and artefacts,Useful practice of many different stenoses


Experienced and very committed trainers, Good enthusiastic trainers,   I enjoyed the course, you can tell that Mark, Phil and Matteo genuinely care about making material interesting and comprehensible to everyone.


Live scanning and trouble shooting in real time, Experience of CT acquisition, Active involvement in scanning and independent workstation reporting, Understanding of acquisition greatly improved, Emphasis on good patient preparation with good low and stable heart rate with aid of beta-blockers


One candidate per station, Learned how to use image processing software, Active hands on reading of most important clinical CTA findings


Course has given clarification of significant vs non significant findings. Clearer re TAVI


Friendly and super-approachable and helpful faculty. Easy interaction and friedly vibe due to small group size.


Catering good, Curry and food were thing is it's all halal!


Three learning points: How to read and diagnose coronary artery disease on CTCA, patient selection and preparation, different types of CT scanners and scan types


Three learnign points: Beta blocker/heart rate control medications shoudl be used.., carefully assess lumnen in severely calcified vessels, look for extra cardiac abnormalities..


Well tailored and good hands on teaching. Would highly recommend to peers for learning



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