We are proud to support Bradford Teaching Hospitals £950 Cardiac CT Workshop and Level 2 Course

Bradford Workshop Highlights

The emphasis is on quality

Essential Lecture Topics will cover

BSCI topics on role of CT in grafts and stents, valve disease, heart failure, pericardial disease and cardiac masses.


Also practically useful topics on:

What is Accreditation

Cardiac CT Anatomy for Radiologists and Cardiologists

Cardiac Physiology for CT scanning

Image presentation and Reporting

CT scanner design

Acquisition for 4cm and 16cm (80 - 320 MDCT) scanners

Dose saving techniques

Patient preparation and contrast injection protocols

Indications for Cardiac CT and NICE guidelines

Calcium Scoring



Candidates are expected to continue their learning by attending meetings such as BSCCT, or self directed learning - a reading list will be provided towards this.

Workshop Features

Four days of hands-on workstation experience

Your own workstation, no sharing, to get you working independently and full benefit of 150 cases.

Full training to use Coronary CT software, no prior experience required

Dr Kon will demonstrate cases and teach you to use Vitrea software 25 cases

You will read cases with mentoring at your workstation 25 cases

You will independently read over 100 cases with Applications Support




Live Cardiac CT acquisition

We will run two CT sessions to acquire over 25 live cases.

You will visit the CT scan room for at least half the cases

All the cases will be streamed live to the course Workshop

Interact with the Radiologist supervising the scans

Problem solving on the fly

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